How Marketing Automation can change banking apps

Last Update: 04 March 2024
How Marketing Automation can change banking apps
How Marketing Automation can change banking apps

Technology advancements and changing customer expectations have compelled banking apps to adopt innovative strategies to stay competitive. Banking apps can use marketing automation to engage with customers, optimize operations, and grow their business. Banking apps are being reshaped by marketing automation, from personalized communication to data-driven marketing strategies.

We’ll explore how marketing automation can transform banking apps in this article. Let’s look at real-life examples of how leading banking apps use automation to deliver personalized experiences, optimize customer journeys, and improve operations. In addition, we’ll talk about the benefits and advantages of marketing automation in the banking industry, like improved customer engagement, cross-selling and upselling opportunities, and better data-driven decision-making.

Payment and Subscription Payment Reminder

Using marketing automation can help banking apps streamline payment processes and improve customer satisfaction. By automating payment reminders, banking apps can make sure customers don’t miss payment deadlines or subscription renewals. Customer reminders can be sent via email or mobile notifications to keep them informed about upcoming payment deadlines so they can manage their finances better. By providing convenience and reducing the risk of missed payments, this not only helps customers avoid late payment fees.


A banking app offers a subscription-based service with premium features. The app uses marketing automation to send automated payment reminders so customers don’t miss a payment. Two days before a payment is due, customers get a personalized email or mobile notification. The notification includes a link to the payment portal, so customers can pay with ease. The automation makes sure the app’s premium features are available to customers and ensures a seamless payment experience.

Onboarding and Account Activation Automation

To deliver a smooth and frictionless experience for new customers, banking apps need to have effective onboarding and account activation processes. Marketing automation can help simplify and automate these processes, ensuring a seamless onboarding experience for users. An automated onboarding email or notification can be sent once a user creates an account, guiding them through the steps to activate their account and start using the app. By automating onboarding, you reduce manual work, speed up the process, and make the user experience better.


A banking app automates the onboarding and account activation process for newly-registered users. Once a user signs up, an automated email is sent to their email address. In the email, they’re given step-by-step instructions on how to activate their account, including verification procedures. It also highlights the app’s key features and benefits, helping new users understand how it can benefit them. The automated onboarding process ensures a seamless and efficient experience for new customers, so they can start using the app right away.

Transaction Notifications and Alerts

Banking apps can provide timely transaction notifications and alerts to customers thanks to marketing automation. Apps can send real-time notifications to users about important account activities, like deposits, withdrawals, and suspicious transactions. The notifications can be delivered via mobile push notifications, SMS alerts, or email, so customers can see their finances right away. These notifications enhance security, give customers peace of mind, and keep them updated on their accounts.


A banking app utilizes marketing automation to send transaction notifications and alerts to its users. When a customer makes a transaction, such as a debit card purchase or an online payment, the app automatically generates a real-time notification that is sent to the customer’s mobile device. This notification includes details of the transaction, such as the amount, merchant name, and location. In the case of a potentially fraudulent transaction, the app can trigger an immediate alert to the customer, prompting them to take necessary actions to secure their account. By automating transaction notifications, the app ensures that customers are always aware of their financial activities and can quickly identify any suspicious or unauthorized transactions.


Cross-selling and Upselling Opportunities

Bank apps can take advantage of marketing automation to cross-sell and upsell. A banking app can identify relevant products and services based on customer data and transaction history. Automation can then deliver personalized recommendations to customers, increasing cross-selling and upselling chances. Customers can get these recommendations through targeted emails, in-app notifications, or personalized offers, encouraging them to explore more offerings and get more out of their banking.


A banking app utilizes marketing automation to identify cross-selling opportunities for its customers. The app’s automation system analyzes a customer’s spending patterns and financial goals when they apply for a credit card. Through this analysis, the app can recommend relevant financial products, like a savings account with a higher interest rate or a rewards checking account. Customer recommendations are sent to their inbox or through their app’s notification center, encouraging them to explore other banking services.

Streamlined Loan and Mortgage Application Process

Within banking apps, marketing automation streamlines the loan and mortgage application process. Automating the application journey can enhance efficiency, reduce manual work, and provide a seamless experience for customers. Information can be collected by automation, applicants can be pre-qualified, documents can be submitted, and application status can be updated. Besides speeding up the process, this also ensures transparency, minimizes errors, and improves customer service.


A banking app helps customers apply for loans and mortgages faster with marketing automation. The app guides customers through a series of automated prompts to provide the necessary information and documents when they express interest in a loan or mortgage. The app validates the information, runs credit checks, and assesses the customer’s eligibility. An automated notification informs the customer about prequalification if they meet the predefined criteria. Once the customer has uploaded the required documents, the app guides them through the submission process. As the application progresses, the app sends automated updates, notifying the customer of any additional requirements or final approval. Both the customer and the bank save time and effort with this automated process.

Banking apps can greatly improve efficiency, reduce manual errors, and enhance the customer experience by automating loan and mortgage applications. Through automation, banks are able to streamline their internal processes and deliver seamless services to their customers while enabling customers to conveniently apply for loans or mortgages through the app.


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