Mobile Push Notifications

trigger engagement and conversations via push notifications and build meaningful mobile experiences. Dynamic insights support your business to provide personalized experienced for each individual user!

Each Scenario, its own template

Simply add your message to a thorough package of pre-designed templates to fashion inviting push notifications, without any complicated programming. Personalize, call to action, test, and promote!

Mobile Push Notifications

send a personal message through each notification

Create welcoming messages using individual specific content and make friends easy as a pie!

Amp up Push Notifications using your internal data

Spice up your notifications with your internal actual data from other systems such as CRM, catalog, etc. and bring hyper-personalization to the next level.

Mobile Push Notifications

Analyze past data to smarter plan the future

Evaluate the outcome of each campaign on spot using existing reports to polish the process and make improvements instantly.

A/B test campaigns to carefully select the successful scenario

Sample your push notification scenarios on test groups and polish them before exposing the larger target audience. Simply magnify the efficiency of your campaigns by automatically sending the winning scenario.

Compare push notifications with other channels

Optimize efforts and resources spent by strategically comparing the outcome of push notifications to other channels and plan accordingly.

Mobile Push Notifications

Enhance user engagement with push notification campaigns

Reach, engage and convert more new users with tailored push notification campaigns and scenarios over the long run.

other features include, but not limited to:

Limit Notification Occurrence

Avoid disturbing your users with multiple notifications. Specify a time frame and maximum notification limit and our system automatically queues messages to be sent in a considerate manner.

schedule Do Not Disturb Hours

Tell us DND hours for each campaign, and we make sure users will get the push notifications in appropriate hours regardless of their time-zone.

Build various Campaigns

Create recurring campaigns, and auto-initiate them, dispatch event-based campaigns or design a single use notification.

Avoid errors before they happen

Test campaigns and scenarios on existing users and get a full preview of the results before exposing all your users to them.

Influence with Dynamic Templates

Create hyper-personalized messages to engage with users in a new depth, smartly impacting their decision making processes.

get to know your users

Analyze delivery, engagement, conversion and other metrics for each user targeted by a campaign. Download user details for further analysis and retargeting.

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