In-app Messages

Engage users with relative in-app messages to boost sales and ensure retention. Dynamic Insights Support Your Business To Provide Personalized Experienced For Each Individual User!

Each Scenario, Its Own Template

Simply add your message to a thorough package of pre-designed templates to fashion inviting in-app messages, without any complicated programming. Personalize, call to action, test, and promote!

In-app Messages

Send A Personal Message Through Each Notification

Create welcoming messages using individual specific content and make friends easy as a pie!

Amp Up in-app messages Using Your Internal Data

Spice up your messages with your internal actual data from other systems such as CRM, catalog, etc. and bring hyper-personalization to the next level.

In-app Messages

Analyze Past Data To Smarter Plan The Future

Evaluate the outcome of each campaign on spot using existing reports to polish the process and make improvements instantly.

A/B Test Campaigns To Carefully Select The Successful Scenario

Sample your in-app message scenarios on test groups and polish them before exposing the larger target audience. Simply magnify the efficiency of your campaigns by automatically sending the winning scenario

Tailor messages using Geofencing

Leverage user’s location to build up an even more personal involvement, and win their favor with on-spot relative context.

In-app Messages

Compare in-app messages With Other Channels

Optimize efforts and resources spent by strategically comparing the outcome of in-app messaging to other channels and plan accordingly.

In-app Messages

Enhance User Engagement With Push Notification Campaigns

Reach, engage and convert more new users with tailored push notification campaigns and scenarios over the long run.

And many other features including

Cap Notification Frequency

Avoid flooding users with multiple notifications. Just specify an upper limit for a time frame and a time gap, and we’ll queue additional messages accordingly.

Specify Do Not Disturb Hours

Avoid disturbing users no matter which time zone they’re located in. Simply set-up the DND hours, and we’ll queue messages to be delivered when the time is right.

Create Many Types of Campaigns

Automate triggered campaigns, set-up recurring campaigns, send critical transactional campaigns or simply send a one-time notification.

Test Before Launch

Avoid errors by testing the different variations of your campaign with real user information for an actual preview before the message is delivered to your users.

Leverage Dynamic Templating

Give personalization a new depth by leveraging the power of templating in every campaign you create. Create smarter messages for higher impact.

Get User-level Insights

Analyze delivery, engagement, conversion and other metrics for each user targeted by a campaign. Download user details for further analysis and retargeting.

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